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6 min readApr 25, 2022

Roadmap 4.0 — Published on 25th April, 2022

Near Future / Coming Days & Opportunities🤛

👉ALREADY LIVE!! — Mark your Calendar for the Greatest Embarkment — 1st May, 2022. The ISLAND Launches LAND SALES!

  • HIGHLIGHT — Have a Part of The ISLAND FROM 0.05 ETH ONLY!! (valid for the 1st 250 LAND NFTs. Regular price 0.5 ETH)
  • Why to have them? — Extremely Limited and Exclusive One Time Issued LAND Parts of The ISLAND that offers trading, staking, renting and so much more. Passive Income with Strongest Voting Rights. LAND NFTs represent your certificate of ownership granting direct control and immense power on The ISLAND DAO. 90% OFF! An undeniable offer for all first minters.
It´s like buying a big property from Las Vegas´center or Dubai at the very early times of them and even with this price!
  • It´s like buying a large property from Las Vegas´center or Dubai in it’s early building phases at extremely low prices!

👉ALREADY LIVE!! — 4th May, 2022. SPACE TECH NFTs Minting!

“May the 4th be with you!”

  • HIGHLIGHT — FROM 0.1 BNB ONLY Hurry and visit our website for more details! (Regular price 0.5 BNB) on www.theisland.live/space
  • Why to have them?1.5% of L´ile ($ISLAND) Total Supply will go to SPACE TECH NFT Stakers. The first of its kind, Fun Shoot´em Up NFT Game with limitless possibilities to earn more rewards. Incredibly low prices to early bird minters.
www.spacetech.center | www.theisland.live/space

👉ALREADY LIVE!! — 10th May, 2022. UNICORNIA NFTs Minting!

  • HIGHLIGHT — FROM 0.25 BNB ONLY for the 1st 250 NFTs (Regular price 1 BNB!!) on UNICORNIA
  • Why to have them? —UNICORNIA NFTs are key avatars and The First NFTs for NFT Staking on The ISLAND. Limited edition also for The BLACK FOREST to earn rewards in DeFi, NFT Staking & Battles. Great potential use cases for the future directly related with The ISLAND and its growth. Incredibly low prices for all first minters.

👉ALREADY LIVE!! — 12th May, 2022. The ISLAND NODES NFTs Minting!

  • HIGHLIGHT — FROM 0.1 ETH ONLY for the 1st 100 NFTs (Regular price 1 ETH!!) on www.theisland.live/nodes
  • Why to have them? — NODES will be extremely important when the ISLAND DAO and $ISLAND´s have its own blockchain as it will be the only way to run them. NODE NFTs will gain the same importance and it would be reflected on their value in the very near future. Very limited, only 3000 pieces available that guarantees their rarity and strength on the whole system. Amazingly low price for early bird minters.

👉ALREADY LIVE!! 30th May, 2022. ASLAN / CRO Baby NFTs Minting!

  • HIGHLIGHT — MUST HAVE NFTs FROM 367.5 CRO (included First Minters Fee) ONLY on www.cro.baby
  • Why to have them? —A Very Special and SUPER RARE NFT Collection with Utility & Unique Special Features, Rewards and Benefits.
  • Beautifully hand drawn crafted and showcased art to utility with its own Reward Token that generates 13% Passive income in USDC to all it’s holders. Lots of interesting takes and angles on NFT and in Crypto World with solid donations and marketing stakes and a transparent plan on all. Another interesting perk related with this project is that it features a NFT Game called ASLAN in CRONOS LAND with L´ile / $ISLAND, $CROBABY and CRO Rewards on www.cronos.land
  • PLUS — Airdrop of L´USD and Keys for L´ounge!

👉ALREADY LIVE!! 17th May, 2022. Alice in Crypto NFTs Minting!

  • HIGHLIGHT — FROM 0.05 ETH ONLY for the 1st 250 NFTs (Regular price 0.1 ETH!!) on www.aliceincrypto.com
  • Why to have them? — Very generous prizes like a Cybertruck, random Bitcoin (60,000 USD Worth!), Ethereum (50,000 USD worth) and L´ile / $ISLAND winning icons on the NFTs. Fantastic all hand drawn masterpieces each with interesting rarity options. Metaverse ready with familiar faces from the Crypto World boasting its own Token of an extremely small Total Supply of 100,000! — A MUST HAVE!

Soon: Alice in Crypto Native Token ALICW 🍀 $ALICW Presale

  • HIGHLIGHT — Only 100 000 Token Supply. Alice´s own token.
  • Why to have them? —Great advantages like in-gaming and token futureproof play2earn supported NFTs with high potential for growth and expansion : www.aliceincrypto.com

NOW! — Under the Dark Sun

  • HIGHLIGHT — Unique and innovative boasting a wide array of specialities. MINTING is IMMEDIATELY POSSIBLE with little to no gas fee and incredibly low charges on www.underthedarksun.com
  • Why to have them? — 150 Masterpiece class Artwork as main focus image with hundreds of other elements, objects, items, skills, classes, ranks, guilds, companions, arenas, potions and more. Available on Polygon Network with miniscule gas fees. Already available is our GENESIS Series that offer the highest bonuses. As it´s in the very early stages of Marketing Plan currently minting at an incredibly low price of 25 MATIC for a very limited time only! Combines Combat-RPG with PvE and Siege Battle. These attractive to play, hand drawn art with rewarding mechanics and never before seen features are a MUST HAVEwww.underthedarksun.com


  • HIGHLIGHT — VR / AR Unreal Engine and countless other features to be excited about!
  • NFT Game, Gaming Platform and Marketplace featuring Survival Play to Earn (P2E), Experience-to-Earn (E2E) and Player versus Environment (PvE) elements combined with Tournaments, Siege Battles, Turn-based & Dungeon-style /Open World Combat.
  • Why to have interest on it? — Players must have Player 1 NFT Cards to play the game. The cards also have many other features supported with many utility attributes which make them very valuable. Minting starts from ONLY 0.1 ETH!! 10,000 Pieces of Very Limited GENESIS Collection with the best and strongest traits coming soon. — A MUST HAVE AT MINTING STAGE!

TBA — L´ile Token / $ISLAND Presale

  • HIGHLIGHT — Native token of The ISLAND
  • Why to have $ISLAND? —MASSIVE potentials. Already in collabs with many dApps to feature with renowned teams and projects. Backed with NFTs, futureproof with DeFi, Play2Earn and many other working concepts. Avails early adopters the opportunity to gather tokens in bulk amounts at low prices.
  • Roadmap 3.0 | Telegram | Twitter



The ISLAND Official

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