For Devs, Degens, HODLers, FOMO Lovers, FUD Fans & For the People of The ISLAND

1) Start Farming L´ile by Staking and or from Pools of L´ile at via YIELD FARMING.

2) Be prepared for the battle of your lifetime.

3) Have Your NFT Unicorns* From UNICORNIA

They Are Your Avatar and Key to The ISLAND

* A new UNICORN will be bought only with L´ile from UNICORNIA (, a part of The ISLAND.

The ISLAND will have a separate marketplace for a few of the SECONDARY FARMED UNICORNS (a small percentage of the newborn Unicorns will be herded there) like any other “on The ISLAND / In-Game” assets to be bought and sold to present more incentives as well as trade opportunities for L´ile and people of The ISLAND.

4) Become a part of the community in Agora — the first real life Blockchain rewards Forum.

5) Participate in the building of a SPACE TECH Center

6) L´ile is ISLAND´s Official And Only Cryptocurrency.

Start with

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