For Devs, Degens, HODLers, FOMO Lovers, FUD Fans & For the People of The ISLAND

1) Start Farming L´ile by Staking and or from Pools of L´ile at via YIELD FARMING.

FARM, SWAP, Trade.

It has its own buyback mechanism, inflation precautions, but most importantly, the new L´ile Supply will definitely be less and less when it has progressed.

However, beyond just these basic and very raw functions, it´s also a start of a new revolution. It as a brand new era, a small but important step of a brave new world.

2) Be prepared for the battle of your lifetime.

At The BLACK FOREST you will meet rivals as well as magical and epic creatures.

3) Have Your NFT Unicorns* From UNICORNIA

They Are Your Avatar and Key to The ISLAND

UNICORNS will be the key and users´ avatar for accessing The ISLAND, they’ll also be “Stakeable”, which means they provide you with the ability to earn a percentage of the whole ecosystem’s revenues. They will be strictly limited in numbers, and after a specific time, there will be no new unicorns.

* A new UNICORN will be bought only with L´ile from UNICORNIA (, a part of The ISLAND.

The ISLAND will have a separate marketplace for a few of the SECONDARY FARMED UNICORNS (a small percentage of the newborn Unicorns will be herded there) like any other “on The ISLAND / In-Game” assets to be bought and sold to present more incentives as well as trade opportunities for L´ile and people of The ISLAND.

The ISLAND is a “multiplayer multi-dApps” world which is presented in a large-game concept, where it is only accessible with a UNICORN (from UNICORNIA,

It also features plenty of social features, exciting places, and innovative in-game / on-board decentralized private and public features through the usage of blockchain technology, on Binance Smart Chain, which presents many exciting incentives and brings lots of opportunities for its people.

4) Become a part of the community in Agora — the first real life Blockchain rewards Forum.

As part of the ISLAND you will benefit from Solar token, which is exchangeable with L’ile (in June 2021).

5) Participate in the building of a SPACE TECH Center


6) L´ile is ISLAND´s Official And Only Cryptocurrency.

After getting on The ISLAND for the first time, every newcomer will be asked to have a part of The Moon via La Luna (

La Luna is our Moon, parted in hectares that can be owned through NFTs, which have earning revenue on The ISLAND and are non-replicated “NFT” Lands. Users have the ability to buy, sell and trade these NFT lands.

They are limited in numbers and differ in size and earning potential (Staking Power) as their prices vary. This means that they will only appear in the first servers, and the users that get on the island first get the chance to buy them through L´ile. Keep in mind that the hectares are limited to only 1 per user, and they are limited in terms of supply.

After having a UNICORN and being offered a part of the Moon, a newcomer becomes a part of The ISLAND and can start using what it offers to reveal and explore what it vastly offers, like the IRON BANK ( to BATTLE ARENA and deep BLACK FOREST to the TOWER.

More than 30 different main dApps are working together to bring its unique elite community to Sky Highs, in the literal sense.

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