The 1st Multichain NFT Games & dAPPs HUB on Blockchain

with its own Native Cryptocurrency: $ISLAND

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4 min readMar 21, 2021

Defining Crypto while Defying Gravity

Roadmap 3.0 is here

$ISLAND (L’ile — in French “ISLAND”, LILE TOKEN) with its ISLAND ( takes advantage of decentralized apps (dApps) and games that work together with NFTs through Smart contracts.

The ISLAND offers and enforces revenue sharing, mining for the content and behavior, not the asset itself while having NFTs more than simple avatars or static images but process them features like upgradable, trained &traded, also stakeable DeFi objects. — Join ISLAND´s Telegram:

With its many features and specialities, on endless peer-to-peer connectivity, exploring all of the community-driven content and achieving tokens as rewards, from farming, NFTs, and use of blockchain and what DeFi offers, The Island itself represents not only a sustainable, profitable and fun ecosystem, but is an innovative platform for early tech adopters. It has a philosophy that will take you to a deeper level of thinking as you go deeper in between the layers and what the whole ecosystem offers.

NFTs + DeFi x Gamified

One of the ways of starting your journey on The ISLAND is having your Unicorn. This Unicorn is an NFT (a Non-Fungible Token) that can only belong to you and lives on your wallet, which you will use on The Island as well as many of the connected dApps, like The BLACK FOREST:

Check also Alice as a part of The ISLAND:

and be sure that you have seen SPACE TECH CENTER:

and Under the Dark Sun, all partners (current, more partnerships are on the way) of The ISLAND:

A marketplace announced not only for Unicorns or Alice OR SPACE TECH CENTER NFTs, as well as all other in-game / “On The ISLAND” NFTs and assets.

In the following steps, you can buy, sell, or trade and manage your tokens through the web-based wallet and the integrated system which is private, secure, compact, and, most importantly, easy to use.

Enter a brave and brand new world that offers more than just a “Gamified DeFi” or another NFT Project or product or an elegant looking innovative sounding dApp, it´s a milestone and a solid bridge that could be the reason for a change in the way we think about the use of cryptocurrency, NFTs and blockchain as well as online entertainment.

Play, Trade, Earn, Build, HODL

Moving along to other features on The ISLAND website, we see through the various applications available on Windows, Mac, and Mobile and it seems that we would be able to stream video, and the apps will provide a lot of other opportunities for players to be able to engage in.

Quite possibly one of the most mind-blowing aspects of The ISLAND is that there will be a card that can be used for real-life payments with cashback and other incentives.

The ISLAND also offers for the future its own Passport, its own unique ID, where you become a permanent citizen of it after being on The ISLAND for a specific time period. The better of a reputation that you have, the more the official cryptocurrency $ISLAND will be featured. This means that users will have value not only earning and having the token but hodling it.

Be a part of & own it.


ROADMAP (Check frequently as we update it often)



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The ISLAND Official

The 1st Multichain NFT Games & dAPPs HUB on Blockchain with its own Native Cryptocurreny: $ISLAND —