Progressive Free 2 Play + Play 2 Earn Fantasy Fight Game with its own Exclusive NFT Collection

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3 min readApr 7, 2022

a Fantastic Voyage like Never Before Seen with Some Faces You might find Familiar

On Blockchain with Tournaments, Rewards and True In Game Assets Ownership

10,000 Exclusive, Hand drawn Limited edition SUPER RARE NFTs with Legendary Crypto Heroes showcased in different settings as Masterpieces on Ethereum & Keys to Alice In Crypto World Fight Game that earns you more!

Unique Alice features — dresses, masks, hairstyles, etc. — alongside rarity on backgrounds, frames, all you can see and so much more, like Chess Signs to empower you even more in play mode!


There is a Cybertruck on 1 of the NFTs

There are 5 Alice NFTs with Bitcoin Logo
to win in total $60,000 in Bitcoin

Also, 11 NFTs with Ethereum Logo on them
to win in total $50,000 in Ethereum

Plus, 75 BNB Valued 15 NFTs with L´ile logo to win more!

Upon your first mint, receive your referral link, share to win FREE MINTS fast & easy!

Don’t miss out on Automated Airdrops + L’ile / $ISLAND Rewards, too!

Staking options, buybacks and beyond; check our Roadmap below!

Trade your Alice NFTs on OpenSea!


— FIRST 250 NFTs will be minted as low as 0.05 ETH!

MINTING — 17 May 2022 Tuesday 6AM GMT

  • You can mint 10 pieces once & have 200 pieces max in a wallet.

ALICW 🍀 $ALICW Token Presale — 19 May 2022 on PinkSale

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