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3 min readFeb 22, 2022


Announced: 22.2.22 — AVAILABLE at on 4 May

They are here!

On The ISLAND — Among us!


Get your NFT Spacecraft to SAVE IT!

Play2Earn Shoot´em up — in Siege Battles with your Craft

Play versus the Environment in Tournament Mode

Stake your card to earn passive income.

A very generous offer we can´t deny:

1.5% of Total Supply of L´ile / $ISLAND is arranged for SPACE TECH CENTER Staking Options

Sell or Exchange your cards to other players in Mercatus.DAO Marketplace! — and or on other Binance Smart Chain NFT Marketplaces.

30 Different Main Space Ships including Santa´s Sleigh, Flying Dome City, UFOs, Steampunk Airship, a Space Taxi, and many more!

Every card is affixed with either one, two, three, four, or fives stars for more rarity, power and rewards.

Each card has an Attack Value, Defense Value, and Life Value. Attack and Defense vary from 1 to 10, however, Life ranges from 50 to 100

19 Different Captains including Commanders, Pilots, Mechanics, Scientists, and more! These captains aim to help you on your journey.

60 Different Co-Pilots from all over the universe. Some are human, and more are not!

13 Different Engine Parts used to combine, sell, or upgrade your craft.

9 Different Card Colors. Each color has a different rarity — 39.3% Pale, 32.6% Steel and the remaining colors are 1.1% Pink and so on…

10 Different Burn Rewards which range from 100 to 5000 L´ile. When you burn your card, you will be rewarded with the corresponding amount of L’ile.

Different Rovers to help you navigate the land.

7 different Easters Eggs, these offer unique bonuses for the card owner.

Get your SPACE TECH NFT Card Now on: NOW!

Only 10 000 will be available

● The First 250 cards will be minted at only from 0.1 BNB as a Huge Incentive for The ISLAND Pioneers (Then the regular price would reach 0.5 BNB per card during minting and expected much higher after minting)

SPACE TECH Center is a part of The ISLAND

a PARTNER of Alice in Crypto:



IRON BANK of L´ile:

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The ISLAND Official

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