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  1. Go to Unicornia and get your own unique NFT Unicorn

2. Fight the creatures of The BLACK FOREST* (soon)

3. Earn $ISLAND: Stake your Unicorn wherever you have won a place from a monster.

The higher the position you get, the more $ISLAND you will earn!

* The BLACK FOREST is one part of The ISLAND:

..and Unicorns are limited non-funfigle tokens (NFTs) which serve many purposes on The ISLAND. By battling monsters and creatures in The BLACK FOREST, you can earn $ISLAND (L’ile — Official Cryptocurrency of The ISLAND).

In Details:

The BLACK FOREST of The ISLAND is a magical, deep and enchanted forest with many different areas and menacing creatures who will try to block your way to the entrance of The ISLAND

There are 20 creatures to fight with, ranging from 1 being the easiest and 20 being the hardest to beat.

It all begins with Wild Turkey Alpus at the 1st Level:

Wild Turkey Alpus is tired of your jokes about him.

Then you will find Vegan Druid Mumisko with an ancient Book of Life (at Level 2):

and Devil´s Swap´s mini Dragon Vansh is waiting at Level 3:

It seems like he is protecting an egg and it might make you think that he´s a protective father - but indeed he is a famous celebrity that you might already know…

…and he just likes to prepare and protect his breakfast!

At Level 4 we have the mutated Spider family. They are cute, lovely & deadly.

Then there comes Angry Condor Memdali (legends say he was a principal in his early life) (at Level 5):

At Level 6, we have DeerDeer, who has just retired from the Under the Dark Sun Universe to serve Blockchain in The BLACK FOREST:

Scorpio (at Level 7) welcomes you. He is an AI Mecha who gained his own controls after his creator went mad because of Ethereum´s high transaction times and costs.. Scorpio was right to leave the scene:

He´s not much quicker but his claws are still surely strong enough when they try to give you a hug.

We are going into places that are wet at Level 8, and Big Gurke Heinz (aus Wien) is waiting for you there to chit-chat whilst distracting you from your task:

He´s angry.. like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

At Level 9 we have the Kadir, Deli Kadir Ülen who is a disappointed lion-headed-Ogre who had money and could invest in mining years ago but instead he became a tv commentator on crypto and economics. He has been talking about the crypto bubble exploding for years whilst so many others have made millions. Now he’s angry and wants to whisper in your ear that you should go into battle with him…because the crypto bubble will be exploding soon.

At Level 10 we have KAIZEN.NINJAs. They once invested in SAFEMOON tokens and now they are like a shadow everywhere — trying to stop you with their news and updates to confuse you about all the crypto decisions made in the whole universe.

At Level 11 we have the FUD Chef Big Smayl who is always negative about everything. His negativity is so strong and effective that he creates an echo of fear, uncertainty and doubt. When you listen to him, you will lose your value immediately.

At Level 12 we have Rüzgar, the coolest guy of The BLACK FOREST. Whilst he isn’t negative or bad, he does want to play and put your Unicorn in his place. You will have to battle with him to try to understand and use his magic against him.

At Level 13 we meet Goldie the Birdie. He´s shiny and has wings for flying but unfortunately he’s not shining and he cannot fly. He invested in gold in 2019-2020 and until the first quarter of 2021, while his friends and relatives were investing BAKE, CAKE and PET. He made gains of 40–50% (sometimes a bit more) while his friends were making ~100x and 1000x´s. He´s angry as he considered all of this as a d*ck move. He might be right about that!

At level 14 we meet Tuygut. He´s half crocodile and half politician.

At Level 15 we meet Francisco - a good guy turned into a ScamSayer. He is one of those guys who is around everywhere — Telegram, social media, Reddit. When you mention a project and wonder if it is legit or not, he is there chirping “scam, scam scam”. He’s a fatty Yeti who dances when you are not around — he can ever twerk too if he feels like it.

Legends say there is a story behind this creature in The BLACK FOREST

At Level 16 we meet Ayda - The Ice Queen. She was a nice and kind lady once but when she left Sivas and saw that Aryen belongs to noone, she got mad and then nothing stayed as it had been before. Be careful when you speak or go near her - as her fire is ice and her kiss is the fire itself.

At Level 17 we meet Volki, a stone-lava-ore mixed giant who just wants to give a hug and melt your soul to make you feel like you have never been loved like this before.

At Level 18 you will find Caglar the Human Hunter. He is originally from the southern side of The ISLAND but migrated to the northeast part to serve and protect The BLACK FOREST. Whilst he is not against Unicorns, he is unfortunately allergic to Unicorns that belong to humans.

At Level 19 we have 3-Headed-Wyvern / Serpent Mazhar, Fuat and Osman. Ice, Fire and Desidero elementals are needed to beat the strongest creature of The BLACK FOREST and to keep you busy at the gate.

At Level 20, you meet Iker. Can you see that dollar sign on his chest? He´s the real protector of FIAT Money. He was told in 2012 about Bitcoin, but at that time he didn´t care. Instead, he tried to protect his cash and never believed that blockchain and/or Bitcoin would be as known, used or valuable as it is today (or tomorrow). He´s stubborn as a mule and as strong as a castle. Iker is, of course, the hardest to beat but if you can win the battle with him, the rewards will be more than satisfactory.

In summary:

When you have a Unicorn (or more) from UNICORNIA

you can battle with it against the monsters and creatures of The BLACK FOREST and earn $ISLAND

The BLACK FOREST is a part of The ISLAND and $ISLAND (L´ile - LILE TOKEN) is the Official Cryptocurrency of The ISLAND and its parts.

Unicorns are a way of being on The ISLAND actively and they have power to earn $ISLAND in many ways - like battling with monsters or creatures on The BLACK FOREST of The ISLAND

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