The ISLAND Official
2 min readMar 13, 2022

the start point and a vital part of The ISLAND (www.theisland.live)


An NFT paradise..

Check ROADMAP 4.0 Here — Published 25 April 2022

Minting — On 10 May 2022

Each Unicorn is one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate, kill, destroy or be removed from the ecosystem. Unicorns can be bought, sold, traded or exchanged.

Unicorns will be able to generate $ISLAND (L´ile — LILE TOKEN, Official CryptoCurrency of The ISLAND) and the longer the duration of their ownership and/or level — the stronger their generating capacity will be.

Unicorns also enhance the user’s overall experience on The ISLAND; they can be changed and upgraded through contests, trades and fights on the designated areas for many additional benefits.

Start Using them at The BLACK FOREST (www.theblackforest.live)

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Minting: 10 May 2022 — www.unicornia.com

UNICORNIA is also a Partner of Alice in Crypto: www.aliceincrypto.com



The ISLAND Official

The 1st Multichain NFT Games & dAPPs HUB on Blockchain with its own Native Cryptocurreny: $ISLAND — www.theisland.live